Las Vegas, NV Construction Statewide Directional Drilling

Statewide Directional Drilling provides Las Vegas, NV with underground utility and infrastructure construction services via tunnel construction services, horizontal auger boring and (HDD) horizontal directional drilling more commonly called directional boring.

We provide underground utility construction services specializing in the underground boring of utility pipelines for satellite, cable, TV, Internet, wi-fi, fiber optic, security, electric power, solar, wind, telephone, oil, gas, petroleum, steam, sewer, drain, water and irrigation crossings.

Our Las Vegas, NV directional boring experts excavate an opening beneath the ground without disturbing the surface to bore underground pipes and conduit for utility lines of all types of lengths and diameters whether large or small.

From electrical to fiber optic lines, sewer lines and water mains, to oil and gas pipelines our Las Vegas, NV boring crew uses directional boring techniques to place HDPE, PVC and steel pipe, conduit and cables under almost any surface like concrete slabs, driveways, roadways, sidewalks and walkways in diverse terrains like dirt, clay, cobblestone, rock and even sand.

We have 25+ years of directional drilling experience and have bored and installed utility pipelines under trees, under city roads, under bridges, under railway tracks and even under rivers.

Las Vegas, NV Drilling and Statewide Directional Drilling

We utilize state of the art horizontal directional drilling (HDD) machines and experienced drilling crews for commercial, residential and municipal underground pipe installation projects in Las Vegas, NV and the surrounding area.

Most directional boring machines use drilling fluid while a few machines are designed to use either air or air and foam. Air & foam machines are used for drilling in rock. Directional drilling fluid is generally a mixture of bentonite clay and water, with additives used to improve borehole performance. In softer soils the jet of fluid cuts through the soil, with the cuttings suspended in the drilling fluid. As drilling fluid is pumped down the hole the cuttings are carried back out to the surface where they are either allowed to settle out in a pit or removed mechanically in a mud cleaning system. Drilling fluid (mud) is classified as non-toxic and can be disposed of accordingly.

Upon reaching the exit point, the drill bit is detached and the end of the drill pipe is attached to a back reamer or hole opener (for rock), if the borehole must be enlarged. The back reamer is pulled back while rotating the drill pipe to enlarge the borehole with as many consecutive passes as are needed. Drill pipe is added behind the reamer or hole opener so that there is always drill pipe in the borehole.

When the borehole is between 25% - 50% larger than the pipe to be installed, the end of the drill pipe is connected to a back reamer which is attached to a swivel which is then connected to the utility product pipe. Drilling fluid is pumped downhole to provide lubrication and the utility product pipe is pulled in while rotating the drill pipe & reamer. The swivel prevents rotation of the utility product pipe while pulling it back.

For some power, cable and telecommunications projects, the drill pipe itself becomes the conduit and is left in the ground upon reaching the exit point. This type of product pipe drilling installation is known as “drill and leave”.

Once the utility product pipe is installed, the exit and entry points are excavated if necessary and connections are made as needed.

Directional boring is used in place of other underground utility product pipe installation techniques in Las Vegas, NV for the following reasons:

Lower cost

Directional capabilities

No access pit required

Shorter project completion times

Less traffic disruption

Deeper product pipe installation possible

Longer product pipe length installation possible

Safer for the environment

Las Vegas, NV Underground Statewide Directional Drilling

Underground boring is a trenchless method of installing pipes below the surface along a predetermined path. This system allows for the successful placement of utility pipe and conduit underground without disturbing the ground surface. With underground boring, crossing obstacles in Las Vegas, NV like sidewalks, driveways, parking lots and existing landscaping becomes easier.

Using traditional methods of installing underground pipes, a trench would have to be cut into the ground the full length of the product pipe. Concrete pavement would need to be cut and landscaping damaged to gain access to the product pipe’s route, sending the project’s cost upward.

Underground boring can be used in a wide variety of conditions but is not the optimal installation method in all conditions. The most difficult ground formation for underground boring is unconsolidated soils like cobblestone. In some cases the un-consolidated soils can be grouted and then bored. Underground boring can be used for sanitary sewers but only when ground conditions permit a straight bore path.

The Advantages Of Underground Boring Compared to Open Cut Excavation

Preserves the integrity of the existing landscape.

Utility pipes can be installed in curved or straight lines to avoid underground obstacles.

The process is much quicker than open cut excavation and requires fewer workers, making it less expensive in most cases.

Underground boring can be used to drill underneath roads, buildings and even waterways.

Underground boring is a less noisy and more environmentally friendly process than open cut excavation.

Las Vegas, NV Road Statewide Directional Drilling

We have bored telecommunications & power cable conduits, water lines, sewer lines, gas lines, oil lines, product pipelines and environmental remediation casings from 2” to 48” in size via directional drilling (HDD) under city, county and state roads.

In addition to directional drilling, a variety of other methods - slick bore, dry bore, jack and bore, hammering, bentonite boring, rotary drilling, wet boring, mud jacking, slurry boring, and rotary boring - can be used describe methods for boring underneath roads in Las Vegas, NV.

How Does Directional Road Boring Work?

Drill A Pilot Hole Underneath the Road

After the drill site has been prepped, a horizontal boring machine is moved into place and a bore head is connected to drill pipe that enters the ground at an angle. As the bore head drills a pilot hole, additional drill pipe sections are added until the pilot hole is completed under the road.

Pilot Hole Back Reamed and Enlarged For New Product Pipe

After the boring head exits at the intended location on the other side of the road, a back reamer is attached. Once attached, the back or “pre-reamer” is pulled back through the borehole clearing soil and even rocks to expand the hole to a size that is 25% -50% larger than the product pipe that is to be pulled and installed.

New Product Pipe Is Pulled Back Under the Road

After the borehole has been prepared, a new product pipe is pulled through the borehole opening created under the road. Once the pipe is successfully in place, the ends of the new utility line are connected and the road-boring project is completed.

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Our team having completed thousands of horizontal directional drilling projects through HDD boring, horizontal auger boring and conventional tunneling means we can successfully bring your next Las Vegas, NV underground subsurface construction project in on time and within budget.

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Our services in the city of Las Vegas, NV are categorized under the following codes:

NAICS Code 238910 Boring, for building construction NAICS Codes 237990 Horizontal Directional Drilling (underground cable, pipeline, sewer/water installation)

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33 05 23.13 Utility Horizontal Directional Drilling

33 05 23 Trenchless Utility Installation

33 05 23.13 Utility Horizontal Directional Drilling

33 05 23.16 Utility Pipe Jacking

33 05 23.19 Microtunneling

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